Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

A panel upgrades at the right time is needed to protect your home from several electric accidents. The board connects to several circuits, each of which has a circuit breaker that distributes power to each of the electric components through a building. The breaker trips and disconnects the electricity supply when there’s a surge of current, posing the potential risk of overheating the lines and catching fires.

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When Do You Want an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

The service panel is smart enough to automatically switch off the power supply when there’s an overload or threat of overheating. Fundamentally, it’s the breaker that trips and cuts the connection. Nevertheless, it might be very sensitive and fickle to various factors, and there might be other factors determining whenever you need an electric Panel Upgrade in Broward County.

Defective Wiring

A major percentage of residential fires in the US happen because of faulty wires. The risk is proportionate to the era of the construction. You should upgrade the system if the cables don’t meet the typical code or the insulation along with other parts deteriorates. The warning signs include flickering lights, minor shock or tingling sensation upon touching an appliance spark from the sockets, discolored power sockets, along with a burning odor near electronics.

Fuse Panel

Older homes built before 1960 have a few circuits that rely on fuses. These fuses can only manage 50 30, 60, or 90 amps for the entire house. This system will not work in a contemporary residence that needs something between 100 and 400 amps of power. The fuses will only increase the fire risk. You’ll have to replace them with circuit breakers.

A Remodeling or New Appliance

Your energy requirement increases when renovating the living place or buying a brand new appliance, like an air conditioner or hot tub that consumes a big quantity of power. In case the system’s amp capacity doesn’t meet the electric needs, the circuit breaker will trip frequently and reduce at the power connection.


Don’t wait around for the sparks to fly! Don’t make yourself regret by delaying an electric panel upgrade. Additionally, electricity isn’t something to be part of your Do yourself job; never attempt to modify or install anything unless you’re an electrician.

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